Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening removes yellow stained caused by tobacco and restore your pearl white smile!

We can remove your yellow stains on teeth and boost your confidence with even brighter teeth to proud with! Precised laser treated teeth whitening effects can be seen in just 60 minutes with up to 8 shades whiter. Home Whitening kit can be purchased additionally to further boost your whitening effect.

Up to 8 Shades Whiter Teeth

Minimal Irritation

Just One Visit

Start of Dental Procedure

Oral Consultation & Treatments Planning

During initial consultation, dentist will access to several dental examinations to formulate a treatment plans tailored to patients' need.


A series of pre-treatments such as Tooth Fillings or Polishing will be carried out before whitening to best results.

Laser Whitening

Dentists will apply a special formulated gingival barrier to protect patients' gums from whitening agent. The gels are left to solidify in few minutes and whitening agents are applied on the surface of teeth. Laser light cure will be activated along the duration to boost the whitening effects.


Candidates are advised to use specialized whitening toothpaste or home whitening kit as maintenance to reduce the chances of relapse.
End of Dental Procedure

Hygiene Maintenance

Following completion of implant treatment, the patient must regularly and thoroughly maintain oral hygiene. Regular visits to your dentist are essential to ensure the optimum oral health results.