Dental X-Ray


X-Ray Screening

X-rays, also known as radiographs, are an essential part of any dental care treatment plan.

We provide OPG - Orthopantomogram and Lat Ceph (Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph). An x-ray is a type of energy that passes through soft tissues and is absorbed by dense tissue. Teeth and bone are very dense, so they absorb X-rays, while X-rays pass more easily through gums and cheeks.

Teeth Diagnosis

Lat Ceph or OPG

Digital Report

Start of Dental Procedure

Oral Consultation & Treatments Planning

During initial consultation, dentist will access to several dental examinations to formulate a treatment plans tailored to patients' need.

OPG or Lat Ceph

Dentist will choose the best options of X-Ray for patients treatment type.
End of Dental Procedure

Hygiene Maintenance

Following completion of implant treatment, the patient must regularly and thoroughly maintain oral hygiene. Regular visits to your dentist are essential to ensure the optimum oral health results.

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