Oral Consultation


Oral Consultation

Your smile matters to us, so your first oral health consultation at our clinic is completely free of charge.

Our dentists will develop a restorative plan based on your oral health condition. After you are completely satisfied with the suggested solutions we will begin the treatment. Let us give you the smile of your dreams!

Dental Profiling

Friendly and helpful customer service representative will guide you on profile registration to help us understand you better

Transparent Fees & Charges

All our treatments fees are transparent and will be prior informed to every customers

Oral Tips & Tricks

Dentist will share with you the latest tips & tricks to take good oral care
Start of Dental Procedures

Oral Consultation & Treatments Planning

During initial consultation, dentist will access to several dental examinations to formulate a treatment plans tailored to patients' need.

Custom Treatments

Patients can choose to proceed with other treatments or reschedule to other day/time.
End of Dental Procedures

Hygiene Maintenance

Following completion of implant treatment, the patient must regularly and thoroughly maintain oral hygiene. Regular visits to your dentist are essential to ensure the optimum oral health results.